About Me


My Journey so far...


When I first borrowed a camera from a friend, i dabbled in a bit of Astrophotography.. aaaand i bought my own camera.

Then i started loving Landscape Photography. It challenges me to get out and about. It's a great feeling getting up in the pitch black of morning to shoot the sunrise over the city, or being the only one on a beach at 2.a.m, shooting the Milky Way. 

I’ve booked entire holidays around the possibility of finding something new and spectacular to take photographs of. 

Best of all it's an excuse to explore our beautiful universe.

I kind of stumbled across band photography; I had a camera - and one of my friends bands had a gig. Boom.. I was hooked. .. 

It's combined my biggest passions in the world:

My oldest passion - Music

And my most recent passion - Photography.

Throwing that together with a 15 year fascination with Photoshop, and a background in design and its a pretty sweet way to hear some new bands, make some new friends and have some fun.

Hit me up and i’ll shoot your band.